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Air date 14 Jun 2017

Bart Reeves
Global Club Vibes - Episode #242

2017.04.20 - Global Club Vibes - Episode #242

Superstar DJ Laurent Wery is one of Belgium's biggest commercial dj's, at the moment he's signed worldwide with his productions and scored several number-one hits. Laurent takes you for a ride with his weekly radioshow called 'Global Club Vibes'. Discover some of the hottest tracks of the moment in the club scene, tune in now!

1 The Reign feat. Eliza Lawson – Something So Special
2 Undercatt – Futura
3 Oxia – Domino
4 Two Door Cinema – Bad Decisions
5 Platinum Doug – You Know What
6 Mischa Daniels & Dennis Christopher feat. Daisy – Feelin U
7 Simon Fava feat. Toto La Momposina – La candela Viva
8 David Penn & Hosse – I Can’t Wait
9 Simion – The Rhythm
10 Camelphat – Hangin Out With Charlie
11 Coeo – Mydonna
12 Tom Tyger – Dimini

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